125 Years of Weaving – The Tradition of John Hanly & Co Ltd (Part 1)

John Hanly & Co Ltd was established in 1893. The company has always been under the management of the Hanly family and the current managing director, Brian Hanly is the fourth generation.

Before moving to Ballyartella outside Nenagh, Denis Hanly and his son John operated a number of handlooms in South County Tipperary, approx 40 miles from Nenagh. In 1893 they moved their machinery to Ballyartella in the North of the county. They took over a vacant mill beside the Nenagh River and a large wheel provided the power necessary to operate the machinery.

The business expanded to spinning and carding, the main products being flannels and blankets. At that time, all products were sold within Ireland and the UK under the guidance of the founder’s son, John Hanly who became Managing Director.

Business continued in this way for many years. Local farmers brought their fleeces to the mill for purchase. Spinning, carding and weaving took place within the six-storey mill.

How the Hygge is done

If you haven’t heard the term ‘Hygge’ (pronounced ‘Hooga’), then it’s time to discover how to do  Scandinavian style. This word has come to represent true comfort during the coldest, darkest and wettest months of the year. Here are our top tips for revolutionising your Autumn Hygge style, as well as some colour and style advice for finding the perfect blanket for you or your loved ones.

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It’s official. Autumn is nearly here…

With the summer coming to a close and the cold days becoming more frequent, wool becomes the must-have material for everyone. Of course, we see this with scarves and accessories but also with blankets and other products. However, it becomes harder each year to choose something a little different which is why we have some simple ideas for you today!

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Top Historical and Heritage Sites in County Tipperary, Ireland

Planning a trip to Ireland? Forget Dublin and Cork. If you want to immerse yourself in the rich, millennia-old history of Ireland, you should head for County Tipperary. County Tipperary is home to some of the country’s greatest and oldest historical treasures.

Cahir Castle

Ireland is home to hundreds of castles, but few are as well-preserved as CahirCahir Castle
Castle. This early 12th century castle is located on a small island within Cahir town centre. Most of the castle is open for exploration, so you’re free to explore at your own pace. Since the famous Rock of Cashel about half an hour away, big crowds aren’t usually a problem at Cahir.


Swiss Cottage

Swiss CottageAfter you leave Cahir Castle, don’t miss the Swiss Cottage, located just 2 km away. This quaint thatched cottage, located in the Clogheen countryside, combines rural and royal. Have you ever seen a thatched country cottage with a lavish spiral staircase? You will when you visit the Swiss Cottage. Though in disrepair as recently as the late 1990s, the Swiss Cottage has since been fully restored according to its original décor. Make sure to plan your visit for the first Wednesday of the month for free entry.

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The most essential patterns for Autumn/Winter 2016-17

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFashion and home materials in cashmere are especially delicate and charmingly lightweight. This is because of the incredibly fine hair of the cashmere goat from which this fleece is acquired. In spite of its lightweight, cashmere wool is exceptionally warming and feels delicate and cuddly. Fashion and style keep on existing in an exciting force field: from one perspective everything is turning out to be more ordinary and normcore –unisex style pattern described by straightforward, ordinary looking garments – has set up itself generally subtly on a wide front particularly tuned into its name. While on the other, fashion is more enraptured than any time in recent memory with the regular comfortable easygoing look now experiencing a movement towards cutting edge, some of the time formal class with impressive echoes. In the meantime, materials flounder in luxury, outlines are mixed and decorative components have toyed with again making new looks and style affiliations. There are no taboos and even the most compelling material blends and shading accents are permitted.

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Cashmere: History and Origins

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACashmere has always been synonymous with luxury and comfort. Made from the fleece of the cashmere goat found in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Mongolia and China, the earliest documented use of cashmere can be traced back to as early as the 14th century.

To produce enough cashmere for a single scarf, a goat usually needs a year. The long and smooth fibres are combed from underneath the chin and selected based on quality, after which the hairs are cleaned and spun into a filament which can be woven or knitted. Due to the specifics of the cashmere goat’s hair, the cashmere is much thicker, softer and more isothermal than a sheep’s wool. The allure of cashmere has much to do with its origins: the cashmere goats inhabit areas with extreme weather conditions such – in the cold, dry and tough terrains of Mongolia, winters can easily hit temperatures of around 45 degrees below zero. There is a saying that the harder the goat is, the softer the cashmere is.

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Support for British Sheep Farming!

The sheep shearing season in the United Kingdom is well underway and many organisations are keen to show their support for the industry. The NFU and the British Wool Marketing Board are two such organisations that are working together to support the British wool industry as it strives to make a comeback.  Continue reading

Ickworth Wool Fair

The Ickworth Wool Fair attracted its biggest crowds ever this year, demonstrating how the popularity of this fibre is ever-growing! The glorious English treasure that is Ickworth House is still a working estate today. The Suffolk property was heavily influenced by Italian architecture and landscaping. It is truly a little piece of European beauty nestled in the British countryside.  Continue reading

The History of Tweed Cap Fashion

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe tweed cap has been thrust into the spotlight in the last few decades. It has been adopted as a fashion trend by many high profile celebrities after a few decades of obscurity. We have previously written about the history of the flat cap, but as this trend shows no sign of relenting anytime soon, let’s delve deeper into the origins of this classic piece! Continue reading

Australian Wool Fashion Awards

Australia has always been an important country in terms of wool production. 
That seems set to continue with events such as the Australian Wool Fashion Awards. This prestigious annual occasion has been created specifically to exhibit luxurious merino wool products. The awards are open to both Australian designers and those from around the rest of the world.  Continue reading