The Future of British Wool

There has been a significant change in the world of British wool in the past few weeks, with the chairman of the British Wool Marketing Board stepping down to make way for a new face. Malcolm Corbett, from Northumberland, has occupied the position of Chairman for the past four years, overseeing the organisation throughout one of the best periods for British wool seen in recent times.British wool has experienced a great run in the past few years, with the product often achieving the highest prices in the European Union due to its great quality. As such, the British Wool Marketing Board – based in Bradford – has been very busy in monitoring the production of British Wool and controlling the market for the sale and use of this amazing product across the world.

The newly elected chairman, Ian Buchannan, hails from Northern Ireland, and his appointment marks the first Northern Irish person to assume the role. He takes the helm during a calm and prosperous time for British wool, with new records being achieved in terms of pricing and pricing stability. He has had significant experience in the wool market, give that his family have had the 900 Blackface and Blackface Crosses producers for some time.

The British Wool Marketing Board ensures that the market remains competitive for the production and purchase of British wool. This in turn ensures that British wool products are of the highest standard and quality. There are currently more than 46,000 producers of British wool in the United Kingdom as recorded by the British Wool Marketing board, which covers nine different regions of the United Kingdom.

The board itself has been running since 1950, making it one of the most prestigious wool organisations in the European Union. Its aims are to provide a secure and stable market for producers of wool, and to continue improving the fleece wool production process by ensuring the best technical developments and research is undertaken. It also provides a streamlined service for collecting and auctioning the fleece wool itself.

A competent overseeing body and the requirements for high standards of fleece wool also ensures that products created with British wool – such as hats, scarves, capes and other items – are kept to the highest standard themselves. John Hanly utilises only the best wool and lambswool for its products, taking advantage of the excellent British product on the market to create beautiful items for customers to purchase.

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