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Cashmere for Men

It has become much easier to get your hands on cashmere products in recent years and the price has also become one which is more affordable. For these reasons, and more, cashmere is becoming an increasingly popular choice for fashion conscious males.

When it comes to which cashmere products men buy, the preference seems to settle with sweaters and scarves. A high quality cashmere sweater instantly makes a man look fashionable and it is also a pleasure for him to wear. Scarves are subtler in appearance but still add a touch of class to an outfit. Men who wear cashmere are generally looking to make a statement about themselves. Continue reading

The Cost of Cashmere

Cashmere sweaters are an absolute favourite amongst gift-givers and with their luxurious feel and fine appearance, they are always a gift that is well received. They are particularly great gifts to give at Christmas as they are incredibly warm – often seven times as warm as conventional wool! As per usual, with high quality comes a high price tag, but why is cashmere exceptionally more expensive than other wool products? Continue reading