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Pashmina or Cashmere?

The terms cashmere and pashmina are often used interchangeably, however, it should be noted that pashmina is actually a type of cashmere. Pashmina is of Indian origin and the word is of Persian descent; referring to a certain type of cashmere that is finer than the rest. There are officially recognised standards for both, in relation to length and quality, which have to be adhered to if a product is to be labelled either pashmina or cashmere. Continue reading

Making Wool Blankets

Owning a wool blanket is an absolute must if you are the kind of person who enjoys going out exploring, or for picnics and camping. Although it’s relatively cheap to buy your own blankets, it’s great fun to learn how to knit them from wool too. If you don’t already know how to knit then it has never been easier to learn how to do so. You can easily use the online video sharing platform YouTube to find instructional videos and then learn at your own pace. Continue reading

The Origins of the Flat Cap

d41_grey_herringboneThe flat cap is a fashion accessory that has risen in popularity in recent years. More and more celebrities are being spotted wearing them and they can also be seen on the high-street being worn by style conscious individuals. But, where did they come from?

The flat cap has gone by many names: golf cap, duffer cap, driving cap, scally cap and longshormans cap to name just a few. Varieties in material have included wool caps, tweed caps and less commonly leather, linen or corduroy caps. The inside of this particular style of hat is usually lined with another material for comfort and warmth. The tweed variety have arguably been the most popular form of flat cap throughout history. Continue reading