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The Cape Through History!

CaptureCapes were used in medieval times for the practical use of keeping the wearer warm and it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that it became a popular aspect of fashion, most notably in Europe. However, the cape still has practical uses in the modern day, such as the ferraiolo which is a type of cape worn by members of the Roman Catholic clergy. Capes are also worn by members of certain professions on certain occasions, such as police officers and military personnel.

A cape is defined as a long outer garment which has no sleeves, usually only covering the back of the person wearing it. It has been compared to the poncho in appearance and will normally fasten around the neck. Continue reading

The History of Scarf Fashion

The scarf is a popular fashion item around the world and has been such throughout history. Although the scarf has its origins in more practical uses, it has evolved over time and is now used both to keep warm and to look good.

Scarves began to be mass produced by fashion houses in the early 1800’s. Silk was usually the fabric of choice as it was held in high esteem for its soft feel. Over the years demand for scarves increased as the trend caught on and they started to be made with cheaper fabrics. This meant that women who could not previously afford them were able to add this garment to their wardrobes. Continue reading

Alpaca and Cashmere

The words alpaca and cashmere are synonymous with luxury and for good reason. When people are searching for a high-end garment that is going to feel good and keep the wearer warm, then these two fabrics commonly come to mind. Add to that, that alpaca and cashmere are also incredibly lightweight then it’s easy to realise why there’s not many fabrics that can outdo them. Neither of these fabrics should be itchy if you’ve purchased a genuine product. Also, cashmere and alpaca garments will normally cost roughly the same amount for similar item types. Continue reading