Monthly Archives: March 2015

Tokyo Fashion Week and Wool

As the popularity of wool continues to fluctuate around the world, Japan is one country that is embracing this fashion trend. Wool in this country can both be spotted on the catwalk and on the high street in abundance. When it comes to the catwalk and wool it is actually men who are turning the most heads with their outfits. Fashion Week has just taken place in Tokyo and many fantastic and futuristic designs were brought into the spotlight for the first time. Continue reading

A World of Wool

The popularity of wool as a fibre for clothing varies around the world according to different fashions as well as availability and price. News is constantly emerging of market developments and, as a manufacturer or consumer, it pays to keep up to date!

In China certain fashion trends are the main driving factor behind poor prices for most types of fine wool at the moment. This all relates back to the current political situation where many anti-corruption cases have recently taken place. This has seen people in China opt for more casual wear over the previous trend of being seen in high-end suits. Continue reading

A Celebration of Angora Goats

As people from all over the world welcome in the Chinese Year of the Goat it seems appropriate to give the goat some attention. The main product of Angora goats is mohair fibre (not to be confused with Angora fibre, which is produced from rabbits).

Angora goats originate from Asia Minor, with references to them dating back to between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries. They are found in Sumerian cuneiform tablets and the Bible. This breed of goat was well established in Ankara, which the name Angora is derived from. The name Mohair is derived from an Arabic word ‘mukhaya’, meaning ‘to choose or prefer’. Continue reading