Monthly Archives: April 2015

Wool Markets Continue to Perform Well

The never-ending requirement for wool by the Chinese is continuing to drive wool prices up this week. Wool from New Zealand has reached a six weeek price high! As of April 24th, the cost of lamb wool reached $6.60 for a kilogram which is an increase of 4.8% in just one week. In March of this year the same type of wool reached the price of $6.65 which was amazingly the highest price seen in four years. This dramatic price hike is thanks in no small part to the massive demand for this wool from China. During the same period, 35-micron wool has remained consistent in price over the past few weeks at $5.35 a kilogram. Continue reading

What’s Happening With Wool This Week?

An increased demand for fine wool and merino wool in Australia has helped to improve the price of these products in the past few weeks. This has occurred simultaneously as the Australian dollar has strengthened against the US dollar. Experts within the wool industry in Australia have commented enthusiastically on the increased demand for the merino variety, claiming it is a period of the strongest competition for quite some time. Continue reading

Little-Known Facts About Wool

Wool is a versatile material that has been used by humankind to make clothing and accessories for centuries. Easy to manipulate into different shapes, wool has been the material of choice for clothing manufacturers for many years. Its nearly infinite production rate has continued to prove popular, with one sheep alone able to produce between two and thirty pounds of wool per year.

However, despite the common use of wool by people across the world, there are many unusual facts about wool that are little known by the average person. Continue reading

Wool All Year Round!

The increasing popularity of wool as a fabric for all seasons was given a boost this week. Designers Holly Fulton and Lou Dalton met with fashion journalist Chris McDowell in London to promote the year-round use of the fabric. Lindsay Taylor, a representative of Holland & Sherry Group, a widely known wool merchants, was also in attendance. The meeting took place on Wednesday morning and was the collaboration of several ideas regarding wool fashion for spring, summer, autumn and winter! Continue reading