Monthly Archives: May 2015

Summer Brings Strength to the Wool Industry

As we move into the summer months the weather is becoming kinder and the days a little brighter. These summer months are also bringing news of positive developments in the wool market that are great for both consumers and manufacturers.

Although the wool industry in Australia is now a third of the size that it was many decades ago, it is still a strong part of the economy of the country. Production of wool in Australia is set to reach a 90-year low in 2016, however, prices for this versatile fibre are actually on the rise. In the last two months alone, prices of Australian wool have risen by 15%. Continue reading

The Future of British Wool

There has been a significant change in the world of British wool in the past few weeks, with the chairman of the British Wool Marketing Board stepping down to make way for a new face. Malcolm Corbett, from Northumberland, has occupied the position of Chairman for the past four years, overseeing the organisation throughout one of the best periods for British wool seen in recent times. Continue reading