Monthly Archives: October 2015

Merino Sheep of Australia

Australia is one of the most dominating producers of wool in the world. They account for around 25% of the world’s wool and the country is home to approximately 71 million sheep. Specifically, Australia is known for producing one of the world’s best quality wool; Australian Merino wool. The Australian Merino sheep accounts for 75% of all the sheep in Australia. The plentiful experience of farmers in breeding the sheep, combined with the Australian climate, has led to the high quality Australian Merino wool that exists today. Continue reading

DIY Fun With Wool

Crafting with yarn is huge right now and projects range from simple things kids can do to complicated patterns for those veteran knitters. There are a multitude of projects you can make using wool other than the typical knitting and crocheting. So many sites now are dedicated to crafting and DIY projects. With people sharing new ideas and crafts every day you will always have hundreds of projects to choose from.  Continue reading

UK Wool Week 2015

Wool week kicked off in the UK on October 5th with part of London’s Savile Row being turned into a grazing meadow filled with sheep to help raise awareness of the British wool industry. The goal of this event was to publicize the start of the UK’s 6th national wool week. For a decade the British wool industry was becoming smaller, but largely in part to the wool campaign success of the industry has gone up. Continue reading

A Guide to Capes

There are plenty of reasons you should include capes in your wardrobe for the upcoming cold season. Capes come in a variety of different colors and styles as well as giving you the freedom of mobility that restrictive traditional coats do not supply. Whether you want something a little more unique than a regular coat, are following fashion trends, or just want something functional and less restrictive, investing in capes will enhance your wardrobe immensely especially for the winter!  Continue reading