Monthly Archives: December 2015

Current Ups and Downs of Wool Production

A spring drought in Australia is expected to cause disruption to wool production in the country during the year to come. The drought conditions have not only contributed to the amount of sheep that are being shorn but has also caused the weight of the fleeces to be less than normal. The spring of 2015 was much drier than usual in many of the areas where sheep rearing is prominent. This has meant that water was much less available for farmers to raise their sheep in these regions.  Continue reading

Wool in the Home

Wool has long been a favourite for making clothes and other wearable garments. It is also a popular choice when it comes to making blankets and cosy throws to keep warm under on those cold winter nights. Increasingly in the present day, wool is also being appreciated for its potential as a design material. Several innovative designers are now seeking to promote its worth as a luxurious fibre that serves the home just as well as it serves the wardrobe! 
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Sheep 101

It’s incredibly difficult to know exactly how many breeds of sheep exist in the world, however it is estimated that there are over a 1000 distinct breeds of sheep. There are sheep in all different colours, shapes, and sizes. They are classified many ways, one being their primary purpose which means whether they are used for food, milk, or wool. Additionally they are classified by their type of fibre – fine, medium, or long. Sheep can also be classified by the colour of their faces and by specific physical characteristics.  Continue reading