Monthly Archives: January 2016

How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Shopping for new clothes is great fun. Whether you do it online or in store, their is always a wide variety of garments available in a multitude of shapes, colours and sizes – many of which can inspire our individual style. At John Hanly & Co, we feel that when it comes to wool this is especially true. The way wool clothes are designed and created is an exciting process that allows for the creativity of the designer to shine through. Even though shopping is an enjoyable way to spend your time and money, making your clothes last is also a good idea. Nobody wants their favourite garment to become unwearable! So, how can you make sure that your items last longer?
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Do You Know What To Update Your Winter Wardrobe With?

Although we definitely do not always need an excuse to update our wardrobes, winter is the perfect reason to do so! As the cold weather sets in, there is no better way to warm your mood and your body then heading to the shops or getting online to buy some brand new clothes. When it comes to keeping warm through the winter months, wool is a fantastic choice – not just for how insulating it is but also because of its fashion status. Wool continues to grow in popularity as a clothing fabric, not just in the United Kingdom but around the world. 
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Wool: Not Just For Fashion

Fashionista fans of wool will be happy to know that the leftover wool from garment making can be life-saving. A Staffordshire-based packaging company, named Woolcool, has just announced that its revolutionary wool-based LifeGuardian has exceeded the standards set for transporting medicines and vaccines by the World Health Organisation. Proving that wool is not just useful for keeping us warm and chic! Continue reading