Monthly Archives: March 2016

Sheep in the Countryside

If you have ever been on a countryside walk and ventured across a footpath that cuts through grazing land, then you may well have seen signs requesting that dogs be kept under control and away from sheep. Sheep worrying is something that farmers take very seriously as it can often end in death, especially when ewes are pregnant. 
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The Wool Clothing Boom of the 1950’s

The 1950’s were an interesting time for fashion with the focus firmly on glamour and silhouette. With the end of the Second World War and rationing also came the rise of the teenager. Where previously this age bracket had sought to dress like their parents, they were now breaking free of dowdy clothing and differentiating themselves from their elders. 
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Wool for an Eco-Conscious Age!

As we move into a more eco conscious age, we as a society are looking more and more at the materials that we use. We are also becoming more concerned with where they come from and what effects they have on the environment when we discard them. Sheep naturally produce wool every year and these animals are part of the natural carbon cycle. 
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