Monthly Archives: May 2016

Australian Wool Fashion Awards

Australia has always been an important country in terms of wool production. 
That seems set to continue with events such as the Australian Wool Fashion Awards. This prestigious annual occasion has been created specifically to exhibit luxurious merino wool products. The awards are open to both Australian designers and those from around the rest of the world.  Continue reading

British Wool Marketing Initiatives

The British Wool Marketing Board is currently investing their time and resources into new marketing initiatives to increase demand for British wool. 

Wool prices can be observed to be under pressure this year thanks to a tough global wool market. It is due to the challenges of achieving positive sales within this economy that the British Wool Marketing Board are now looking to increase and improve their marketing efforts.  Continue reading

A Boom for the British Sheep Industry

The sheep industry of Britain is set to experience a much anticipated boom as certain international markets become available to them once again. 

Several export markets in the United States and New Zealand have been closed to the United Kingdom since the Foot-and-Mouth Disease incident of many years ago. These export markets have re-opened their doors to farmers in the UK, who are now welcome to use them once more.  Continue reading

Say it With Wool

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 13.53.59When it comes to gift giving, some people are much easier to shop for than others. We all have that awkward friend or family member that we never quite know what we should buy for. Between birthdays, Christmas and other festive gift giving occasions, it can be difficult to always be original and interesting with our gift ideas.  Continue reading