Australian Wool Fashion Awards

Australia has always been an important country in terms of wool production. 
That seems set to continue with events such as the Australian Wool Fashion Awards. This prestigious annual occasion has been created specifically to exhibit luxurious merino wool products. The awards are open to both Australian designers and those from around the rest of the world. 

It is not only high profile designers that are involved in the competition, many design students also enter in order to launch their careers. In fact, one of the reasons for the event is to encourage the fresh new design talent to consider the many merits of using this natural material. 

It is no wonder students are flocking to be a part of the awards as the prizes for the winners include tempting offerings, such as large cash sums, mentoring from renowned Australian fashion designers and, last but not least, impressive and much sought after scholarship packages. All of these options provide a very good start to any young designer’s career. 

The awards have also attracted a lot of interest from the modelling world as they are looking for a face for their campaign. The award ceremony is set to be a high-profile affair with all the trimmings. Expect red carpets, champagne and celebrity guests!

The catwalk looks set to be a fantastic look at some innovative new designs with a real mix of styles. This celebration is the main part of a series of events that will include the winning garments touring around the country. 

Wool has made a significant comeback in the last few years and it is encouraging to see this wonder fabric get the attention it deserves. 

Of course the United Kingdom also has a rich wool history and held the first International Wool Carpet & Rug Awards in March. This was a part of the Wool Floor Show in London. There are so many uses for this amazing material, so it is great to see each industry pulling out all the stops  to showcase new products. 

It seems the show in March was a brilliant success and plans for the next one are already underway. Amateurs also have a chance to shine in the British Knitting Awards. This competition features winners voted for by readers of ‘Let’s Knit’ and ‘Let’s Get Crafting Magazines’. The lucky champions were announced at the The Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. Larger companies featured but newcomers such as West Yorkshire Spinners also enjoyed success.

Long may these celebrations in wool continue! 

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