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The Rich and Intriguing History of the Cape

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe humble cape has a rich and intriguing history. The name originally comes from the Latin word ‘escape’. The garments’ Latin origins unsurprisingly meant the ancient Romans were rather fond of wearing capes. Commanders in the army wore a version called a paludamentum. A dramatic style choice finished off by fastening at the shoulder. Roman Centurions would be permitted to wear a smaller version called a sagum.

For one of the greatest armies the world has ever seen it is likely this outfit choice was rather terrifying to the opposing armies.  Continue reading

A Guide to Capes

There are plenty of reasons you should include capes in your wardrobe for the upcoming cold season. Capes come in a variety of different colors and styles as well as giving you the freedom of mobility that restrictive traditional coats do not supply. Whether you want something a little more unique than a regular coat, are following fashion trends, or just want something functional and less restrictive, investing in capes will enhance your wardrobe immensely especially for the winter!  Continue reading

Wool Trends 2015: Ponchos and Capes

john hanly capeThe fashion world is gearing up for autumn, with many designers who showcased their Fall/Winter collections in February now influencing the trends seen on the high street. Wool has dominated the fashion scene, with a special focus on the poncho or cape as the must-have accessory for anyone’s winter wardrobe.

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The Cape Through History!

CaptureCapes were used in medieval times for the practical use of keeping the wearer warm and it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that it became a popular aspect of fashion, most notably in Europe. However, the cape still has practical uses in the modern day, such as the ferraiolo which is a type of cape worn by members of the Roman Catholic clergy. Capes are also worn by members of certain professions on certain occasions, such as police officers and military personnel.

A cape is defined as a long outer garment which has no sleeves, usually only covering the back of the person wearing it. It has been compared to the poncho in appearance and will normally fasten around the neck. Continue reading