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Ickworth Wool Fair

The Ickworth Wool Fair attracted its biggest crowds ever this year, demonstrating how the popularity of this fibre is ever-growing! The glorious English treasure that is Ickworth House is still a working estate today. The Suffolk property was heavily influenced by Italian architecture and landscaping. It is truly a little piece of European beauty nestled in the British countryside.  Continue reading

Exciting Wool News from Sydney

A wool conference that took place in Sydney this week has indicated that the future of this versatile fibre is bright, despite a recent slump in production. More than 400 people attended the conference, which was held in order to discuss all of the latest trends within the wool industry and predictions for the future. 
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Wool: Not Just For Fashion

Fashionista fans of wool will be happy to know that the leftover wool from garment making can be life-saving. A Staffordshire-based packaging company, named Woolcool, has just announced that its revolutionary wool-based LifeGuardian has exceeded the standards set for transporting medicines and vaccines by the World Health Organisation. Proving that wool is not just useful for keeping us warm and chic! Continue reading

UK Wool Week 2015

Wool week kicked off in the UK on October 5th with part of London’s Savile Row being turned into a grazing meadow filled with sheep to help raise awareness of the British wool industry. The goal of this event was to publicize the start of the UK’s 6th national wool week. For a decade the British wool industry was becoming smaller, but largely in part to the wool campaign success of the industry has gone up. Continue reading

New World Record for Wool

The Guinness World Record for the most wool sheared from a sheep in a single shearing has been broken! The title was taken in Australia by a sheep that was discovered after being lost for a period of time. The total amount of wool sheared amounted to a massive 40 kilograms which is the equivalent of 89 pounds! This is approximately enough wool to produce 30 sweaters. Once the sheering was complete the sheep in question weighed almost half what he did before the process began! Continue reading

British Wool Gets a Boom!

Sheep farmers in the United Kingdom are currently being presented with a massive opportunity to capitalise on soaring demand for British wool. China is behind this huge increase in interest in British wool with the amount that they import into their country having doubled in just the last two years! A very large amount of wool that is exported to China comes from the United Kingdom. In fact, from 2015 to 2015 1.7 million kilograms of wool was produced from just five breeds of sheep in Yorkshire – much of which was sold to the Chinese. Continue reading

Four Year High for Wool Prices!

There has been much frenzy in the wool market this past week as auctions have seen prices hit a four year high! Reports have described the market as having gone “ballistic” with prices still continuing to increase. There has been particularly strong demand from buyers located in China and India.

The price high was especially true of the 22 and 23 microns products. The products in these two categories have seen price increases of up to 70 cents. It is recognised that many of those who were bidding on wool at auction this week were there with the intention of buying regardless of what the price rose to reach. Behaviour such as this is known as ‘buy at best’, which essentially means bidders will not stop bidding until they have secured the wool for themselves. Continue reading

The Future of British Wool

There has been a significant change in the world of British wool in the past few weeks, with the chairman of the British Wool Marketing Board stepping down to make way for a new face. Malcolm Corbett, from Northumberland, has occupied the position of Chairman for the past four years, overseeing the organisation throughout one of the best periods for British wool seen in recent times. Continue reading

A World of Wool

The popularity of wool as a fibre for clothing varies around the world according to different fashions as well as availability and price. News is constantly emerging of market developments and, as a manufacturer or consumer, it pays to keep up to date!

In China certain fashion trends are the main driving factor behind poor prices for most types of fine wool at the moment. This all relates back to the current political situation where many anti-corruption cases have recently taken place. This has seen people in China opt for more casual wear over the previous trend of being seen in high-end suits. Continue reading