Do You Know What To Update Your Winter Wardrobe With?

Although we definitely do not always need an excuse to update our wardrobes, winter is the perfect reason to do so! As the cold weather sets in, there is no better way to warm your mood and your body then heading to the shops or getting online to buy some brand new clothes. When it comes to keeping warm through the winter months, wool is a fantastic choice – not just for how insulating it is but also because of its fashion status. Wool continues to grow in popularity as a clothing fabric, not just in the United Kingdom but around the world. 

If you are ready for a winter shopping spree but are overwhelmed by the choice, then allow us to guide you! There are several different materials for you to choose from and the following three are popular options that are widely available.

Tweed is a rough-surface wool material that has quite a flexible texture. It was made popular as a clothing option by British royalty during the 19th century. It is perfect for the colder seasons and is used to make a wide variety of different garments. When it comes to tweed, it is important to remember that less is more and there is not much chance that an entire tweed outfit would be a good look on you. Opt instead for just one tweed garment with each outfit, such as a jacket or coat.

Flannel is a soft fabric that is typically made from wool, although synthetic varieties are increasing in popularity. Flannel is great for shirts and jumpers as it will keep you warm without the need to wear a bulky coat or jacket. Although historically this type of material is generally associated with lumberjacks and farmers, it became more mainstream during the grunge era of the 1990’s and continued to be more prevalent in high street fashion in the years thereafter.

You absolutely can’t go wrong with cashmere and buying yourself a new cashmere garment is the ideal way to boost your mood during the winter. It carries a slightly higher price tag than the other materials mentioned in this post, but the feel and appearance is certainly worth it. Cashmere feels good on your skin and is always pleasing on the eye. It will also last a very long time without incurring damage which means you can stash it in your wardrobe and look forward to getting it out every time the cold seasons roll around!

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