How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Shopping for new clothes is great fun. Whether you do it online or in store, their is always a wide variety of garments available in a multitude of shapes, colours and sizes – many of which can inspire our individual style. At John Hanly & Co, we feel that when it comes to wool this is especially true. The way wool clothes are designed and created is an exciting process that allows for the creativity of the designer to shine through. Even though shopping is an enjoyable way to spend your time and money, making your clothes last is also a good idea. Nobody wants their favourite garment to become unwearable! So, how can you make sure that your items last longer?

First of all, make sure that the clothes you choose in the first place are made of high quality, durable material. If a garment has a suspiciously low price tag then it is not likely to last you very long at all. Try to strike a balance between the amount you spend and the quality of the item you are buying. Fantastic bargains do exist but be savvy when you are checking them out.

Several different types of garments have the potential to bobble and this is a problem that will not fix itself. However, it is possible to take action against bobbling and give your clothes a new lease of life. Invest in a special comb or fabric shaver and get to work removing the bobbles from your garments. This will not take long at all and will save you shopping for replacement clothes.

It is also a good idea only to wash your clothes when it is truly necessary. Too many of us fall into the cycle of wearing something once and then throwing it into the laundry basket. But, if it is not dirty, then why wash it? By wearing each garment a couple of times before you declare it ready to be washed, you will help to increase the life-span of your clothes. You will also save on electricity and time too! This is obviously not always going to be possible and if you have managed to get an item dirty after just one wear then it is perfectly fine to clean it.

Finally, taking care of your clothes is one of the best ways to make them last a long time. Wear appropriate clothing for the activities of each day to avoid causing harm to garments that were not designed for certain purposes. Organising your wardrobe so that you can save time looking for outfits for different reasons will help with this. And, at the end of each day, fold your clothes and put them away instead of leaving them lying around!

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