British Wool Marketing Initiatives

The British Wool Marketing Board is currently investing their time and resources into new marketing initiatives to increase demand for British wool. 

Wool prices can be observed to be under pressure this year thanks to a tough global wool market. It is due to the challenges of achieving positive sales within this economy that the British Wool Marketing Board are now looking to increase and improve their marketing efforts.  Continue reading

A Boom for the British Sheep Industry

The sheep industry of Britain is set to experience a much anticipated boom as certain international markets become available to them once again. 

Several export markets in the United States and New Zealand have been closed to the United Kingdom since the Foot-and-Mouth Disease incident of many years ago. These export markets have re-opened their doors to farmers in the UK, who are now welcome to use them once more.  Continue reading

Say it With Wool

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 13.53.59When it comes to gift giving, some people are much easier to shop for than others. We all have that awkward friend or family member that we never quite know what we should buy for. Between birthdays, Christmas and other festive gift giving occasions, it can be difficult to always be original and interesting with our gift ideas.  Continue reading

East Meets West With Wool

Fashion designer Vivienne Tam is another popular face in the fashion industry that is utilising the potential of wool in her creations. Chinese-born in the late 1950’s, she is now based in New York after first moving to Hong Kong when she was three years old. Vivienne states that being raised in a British territory in the east was the first inspiration of her fashion creations, which have a very east meets west aesthetic. 
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Exciting Wool News from Sydney

A wool conference that took place in Sydney this week has indicated that the future of this versatile fibre is bright, despite a recent slump in production. More than 400 people attended the conference, which was held in order to discuss all of the latest trends within the wool industry and predictions for the future. 
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Vivienne Westwood and Wool

Vivienne Westwood is a well-known British fashion icon. During the 70’s this influential designer pioneered bringing punk style into the mainstream. 
She showed no signs of slowing down during the 80’s when she released collections with her then husband Malcolm McLaren. The titles for these exciting ranges were almost as thrilling as the clothes,  ‘Savages’, ‘Nostalgia of Mud’ and Punkature were just a few. Continue reading

Sheep in the Countryside

If you have ever been on a countryside walk and ventured across a footpath that cuts through grazing land, then you may well have seen signs requesting that dogs be kept under control and away from sheep. Sheep worrying is something that farmers take very seriously as it can often end in death, especially when ewes are pregnant. 
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The Wool Clothing Boom of the 1950’s

The 1950’s were an interesting time for fashion with the focus firmly on glamour and silhouette. With the end of the Second World War and rationing also came the rise of the teenager. Where previously this age bracket had sought to dress like their parents, they were now breaking free of dowdy clothing and differentiating themselves from their elders. 
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