Tokyo Fashion Week and Wool

As the popularity of wool continues to fluctuate around the world, Japan is one country that is embracing this fashion trend. Wool in this country can both be spotted on the catwalk and on the high street in abundance. When it comes to the catwalk and wool it is actually men who are turning the most heads with their outfits. Fashion Week has just taken place in Tokyo and many fantastic and futuristic designs were brought into the spotlight for the first time.

Fashion experts have been commenting that the events of the last few days at Tokyo Fashion Week will set the precedent for the future of men’s fashion. The presence of such individuality in the designs combined with practical elements creates clothing that is getting everyone in the industry excited. It is evident that the designs are already catching on in popularity as similar items that have been seen on the catwalk have already been spotted on the streets.

When it comes to the wool designs that are being worn in Tokyo and the rest of Japan, there is a wide range of accessories that are being utilised. From bags to hats and ultra-fashionable shoes, there is so many different ways to put the finishing touches to a beautiful wool design.

It would appear that the menswear in Japan is much more forward thinking in terms of innovative fashion that that of the women. Fashion journalists reporting from the country have regularly commented how women’s clothes can often be shapeless as many women have a tendency to try and cover up their bodies. This isn’t the case when it comes to men and it is completely socially normal for them to devote a lot of time and attention to their wardrobes and personal appearance in general.

Designers of wool fashion in Tokyo have been incredibly successful but this success hasn’t extended into foreign markets just yet. Although it could be argued that certain fashions that are popular abroad originated in Japan, this doesn’t translate into success for the designers that this can be traced back to. However, with the recent success of Tokyo Fashion Week, and the recent launch of the Tokyo Fashion Awards, this could soon be a thing of the past. The local government is keen to promote brands and designers that are from the region in order to develop their international potential.

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