Why Every Man’s Wardrobe Should Include Wool

As a general rule, a man’s wardrobe has three basic staple fabrics: cotton, synthetic material, and lastly wool. Most of the general populace choose to purchase clothing made of cotton or synthetic fabrics because of how easy they are to clean and how cheap they are to replace.

Wool is a completely different fabric with specific care needs. Wool is susceptible to damage if it is exposed to heat or chemicals, and even cold water can be damaging to the fibres if the proper care is not taken. However, wool’s versatility and the range of clothing that can be made from the material make it a must-have for a man’s wardrobe to be complete.

For example, wool can be used in main wardrobe items, such as trousers, jackets, jumpers, and coats, as well as socks, gloves, ties, caps and hats. Wool also varies in how it is spun, giving men the option of different wool types to choose from. Whether dressing for winter or spring, there are different wool garments to suit.

Some men might wonder why wool is better for their wardrobe, rather than cotton or synthetic fabrics. Wool is brilliant because of its ability to be woven into a very fine skein or a thick yarn, to be very smooth to the touch or to be rough and bulky. Its versatility allows men to add wardrobe items to suit the colder seasons, and to know that the temperature outside does not affect the warmth of the clothing itself. This puts it above other fabrics such as cotton, which do not retain heat as well and are simply not as versatile in terms of fabric.

Another factor that makes wool a favourite is that wool retains its shape very well. For a crisp jacket that is unlikely to crease unless left in a folded position for long lengths of time, men can hardly go wrong with a wool tailored jacket. Wool is also resilient in terms of wear, as can be seen by the many vintage garments that have survived the decades relatively unscathed. Cotton and synthetic fabrics simply to do not have the durability of wool.

Wool is also, amazingly, water resistant. Given that sheep themselves are mostly waterproof, it is little surprise that untreated wool retains the same fatty coating that sheep have to keep them dry. Even if wool has been refined to be quite thin, the fabric remains relatively dry when facing the elements.Wool achieves this durable waterproofing through lanolin, which helps the wool to absorb the water but not allow it to penetrate the fabric entirely. Finding a tightly woven wool jacket or coat is a must for a complete men’s wardrobe.

All in all, wool is a trusted fabric that has many places in a man’s ultimate wardrobe collection. Warm, waterproof and durable, wool is the fabric that will have a guaranteed place in men’s fashion for the foreseeable future.

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